Journal directory listing - Volume 50 Number 1 (2005/April) - Education【50(1)】

Action Research for Art Educational Curriculum of Built Environment Author: Tun-Ju Liao(Art Graduate School at National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 50, No. 1
Date:April 2005


The purpose of this study, through action research, aims to design an integrated curriculum of “built environment” for art education and to understand how this curriculum is implemented. According to Laurie E. Hicks & Roger J. H. King, Ginny W. Graves, Anne Taylor, and Eileen Adams, “built environment” is a society-made phenomenon and a conscious organization of physical elements intended to provide protection, social integration and aesthetic pleasure. Meanwhile, “built environment art education” is interdisciplinary, including art and aesthetics, design, history, ecology, and philosophy, and art educators should teach designed environment as an expression of social meaning. Four areas around a primary school with historical and cultural significance are selected for this study. The researching process, lasting for a semester, includes generating problems, proposing possible projects, amending and implementing these projects, evaluating as well as revealing results, etc. Results of this study are as the followings: 1)An art educational curriculum of built environment can be developed gradually through analysis of documents, evaluations of teaching subjects, and supports from school teams. 2)It also can be designed by making use of community art resources and professionals as mediums to further discover its strength and weakness. 3)The propriety of implementing art educational curriculums of built environment in the future is positively concerned after analyzing overall teaching data and students’ learning process. Based on these results, the researcher concludes that the teachers’ proficiency, supports from school teams, and integrating community resources are all necessary and important in developing art curriculum of build environment.

Keywords:action research, integrated curriculum, art education, built environment art education

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APA FormatLiao, T.-J. (2005). Action Research for Art Educational Curriculum of Built Environment. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 50(1), 53-78. doi:10.3966/2073753X2005045001003