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A Study of the Multi-level Analysis of Junior High School Teachers’Team Learning Behavior:Application of a Hierarchical Linear Model Author: Chia-Chun Hsiao(Department of Knowledge Management, Aletheia University),Yuk-Ying Tung(Institute of Education, National Cheng Kung University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 52, No. 3
Date:December 2007


Researchers studying organizational behavior and school administrative management have increasingly emphasized the multilevel technique. This study focused on the influence of personality at the individual level, and of a “shared mental model” at the group level, on the team learning behavior of junior high school teachers. The sample consisted of 250 teachers from 39 junior high schools in Taiwan. The findings showed that agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, team interaction and team growth directly affected the group-learning behavior. On the other hand, team interaction, expertise, team growth and conscientiousness all had a positive moderating effect on the relationships among personality, shared mental model, and team learning. Based on the discussion of these results, the study also provided some suggestions for future research.

Keywords:multilevel analysis, group-learning behavior, hierarchical linear model

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APA FormatHisao, C.-C., & Tung, Y.-Y. (2007). A Study of the Multi-level Analysis of Junior High School Teachers’ Team Learning Behavior: Application of a Hierarchical Linear Model. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 52(3), 65-89. doi:10.3966/2073753X2007125203004