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Freshmen’s Involvement in Campus Life and Their Estimate of Gains: Illustrations from Three Universities in Taiwan Author: Shao-Kuo Yeh(Center for General Education and Core Curriculum, Tam Kang University),Ying-Chyi Ho(Department of Counseling Psychology, Chinese Culture University),Shun-Fen Chen(Center for Teacher Education, National Tsing Hua University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 52, No. 3
Date:December 2007


This study was to focus on the quality of efforts of college students’ involvement in, and their gains from, campus facilities and opportunities provided for their learning.
CSEQ was revised and applied to 884 freshmen of three universities in Taiwan, TKU, NTHU, and NTNU, at the end of the second semester, 2004. The results in comparison with the DRUE and the total norms of CSEQ 4th version in the U.S. showed the following characteristics:
1. The quality of the freshmen’s efforts showed no significant difference among the three universities, but most of the subscales showed inadequate involvement, especially in “clubs and organizations” and “experiences with faculty” categories. The most frequent attendance was “information technology”.
2. The estimate of overall gains showed a little difference. The freshmen of NTHU showed better gains than those of TKU’s. In addition, significant differences do appear in three of the subscales among the three universities. Two of the least gains of the freshmen were “the comprehension of science & tech.” and “humanities”, whereas, the best gains was “intellectual skills”.
3. In general, the freshmen of three universities in Taiwan were significantly less involved in various activities in and out of class, and they felt less benefited from their educational experiences, in comparison with the norms in the U.S.

Keywords:freshmen involvement, estimate of gains, quality of efforts, college activities, conversations

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APA FormatYeh, C.-K., Ho, Y.-C., & Chen, S.-F. (2007). Freshmen’s Involvement in Campus Life and Their Estimate of Gains: Illustrations from Three Universities in Taiwan. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 52(3), 99-114. doi:10.3966/2073753X2007125203005