Journal directory listing - Volume 57 (2012) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【57(4)】December

The Development of an Imagination Scale Author: Saiau-Yue Tsau(Graduate Institute of Interactive Media Design, National Taipei University of Technology), Hsiao-Hui Lin(Graduate Institute of Curriculum Studies,National Chung Cheng University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 57, No. 4
Date:December 2012


This study develops and examines the reliability and validity of an imagination scale (IS) with 13 open-ended items categorized into 4 subscales: initiation, fluency, flexibility, and originality. Item analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were used to determine Cronbach's α, test-retest reliability, individual item reliability, composite reliability, and criterion-related validity of the IS. Second-order confirmatory factor analysis shows that there was an acceptable goodness-of-fit among the IS, Vygotsky’s theoretical conceptions of imagination, and the arousing mechanism of imagination. The IS accounted for .46, .96, .55, and .02 of the variance associated with the 4 subscales.

Keywords:fantasy, imagination, creativity, the arousing mechanism of imagination, confirmatory factor analysis

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APA FormatTsau, S.-Y., & Lin, H.-H. (2012). The Development of an Imagination Scale. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 57(4), 1-37. doi:10.3966/2073753X2012125704001