Journal directory listing - Volume 61(2016) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【61(2)】June (Special Issue: Teacher Education: Reflection, Effect, and Prospect)

(Special Issue) Critical Analysis of J. Dewey's Thoughts on Good Teachers and the Preservice Teacher Education Program Author: Wen-Jing Shan (Center for Teacher Education, Chinese Culture University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 61, No. 2
Date:June 2016


This paper critically analyzes J. Dewey's thoughts on good teachers and preservice teacher education programs. The content, meanings, and theories of Dewey's thoughts are reviewed from his writings and related literature to determine their implications. After explaining the background and primary research tasks, this paper explains Dewey's thoughts on good teachers in three dimensions. Subsequently, his ideas and approaches concerning preservice teacher education programs are delineated. By describing the features and points of Dewey's thoughts that require reconsideration, the findings show that, at present, good teachers should teach students not only how to perform problem solving, but also how to address challenges caused by unsolved predicaments. Furthermore, the author suggests that in preservice teacher education programs, teacher educators should not overemphasize practice and dismiss theories. Although theories have been overvalued in the past, they should still be used to guide teachers’ practices while teachers attempt to improve their teaching competence.

Keywords:good teachers, theory and practice, preservice teacher education program, J. Dewey

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Shan, W.-J. (2016). Critical Analysis of J. Dewey’s Thoughts on Good Teachers and the Preservice Teacher Education Program. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 61(2), 1-28. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2016.61(2).01