Journal directory listing - Volume 62(2017) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【62(2)】June (Special Issue: Digital Learning: Retrospect and Prospect)

(Special Issue) Online Reading Research: A Selective Review Author: I-Fang Liu(New Taipei City YuLin Elementary School), Hwa-Wei Ko(Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, National Central University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 62, No.2
Date:June 2017


With the development of the Internet and digital technology, online reading abilities have become critical in daily life, including in work and education. These skills, which include information searching, evaluation, and integration, are combined with reading and ICT skills. Many countries have started to reconstruct relevant policies in reading education, and the international literacy test organization has also rebuilt the test definitions to fit this new reading environment. This paper indicates how the definitions of ICT skills and reading ability have transformed in the Internet era. Studies focusing on students’ online reading skills published during the last two decades were included in the review, and Taiwan’s contribution to the field was also reviewed. The literature review indicated that students from the fifth to the eighth grades did not show adequate web searching, evaluation, and integration abilities. Some studies have demonstrated that the development of integration ability might depend on web searching and evaluation abilities. Moreover, few studies have focused on Chinese online reading teaching and learning. Thus, future studies should explore instructional programs and learning difficulties to ensure students’ acquisition of online reading abilities. Educators and policy-makers should support teachers to improve students’ learning and establish additional guidelines for the online reading literacy curricula for fifth- and sixth-grade students.

Keywords:evaluation study, integration ability, online reading, school education, web searching

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APA FormatLiu, I-F., & Ko, H.-W. (2017). Online reading research: A selective review. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 62(2), 61-87. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2017.62(2).03