Journal directory listing - Volume 62(2017) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【62(4)】December (Special Issue: Institutional Research and Higher Education Development)

(Special Issue) Database Establishment in Institutional Research and Decision-Making Support Applications Author: Yao-Ping Peng(Department of Business Administration,Hsuan Chuang University), Feng-Chi Liu (Department of Statistics, Feng Chia University), Sheng-Hua Tuan (Departmaent of Social Work,Hsuan Chuang University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 62, No.4
Date:December 2017

Institutional research (IR) is expected to undergo development to conform to the needs of Taiwan’s higher education sector by enabling each university to execute IR based on its own data to conduct analysis, transfers, and applications. Thus, no common and consistent standards and regulations will govern data collection and storage. Each university develops its own IR strategy based on data and information provided by the U.S. Association of Institutional Research. IR focuses on internal data collection, analysis, and interpretation from higher education institutions. Objects of study include students, faculty members, support staff, and the school environment. Institutional researchers analyze information of value to facilitate senior leaders’ decision-making and institutional development. However, the effectiveness of data analysis applications is based on data collection and storage; therefore, the completeness of the initial data and data system construction is the first step in IR development to determine whether subsequent data analysis and interpretation are valuable for decision-making. Therefore, this study investigated the data-processing elements of libraries and information science and the design and models of IR databases at a private university in Taiwan. The study objective was to ascertain the method of massive educational information use and storage in the modern higher education sector and to determine the optimal mode of analyzing concepts and references for institutional research professionals. The outcomes of this study could contribute to university decision-making processes.

Keywords:database management, decision-making support system, educational data, institutional research

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APA FormatPeng, Y. -P., Liu, F. -C. & Tuan, S. -H. (2017). Database establishment in institutional research and decision-making support applications. Journal of Research in  Education Sciences, 62(4), 27-51. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2017.62(4).02