Journal directory listing - Volume 62(2017) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【62(4)】December (Special Issue: Institutional Research and Higher Education Development)

Effects of Story Prompting and Working Memory Ability on Young Children’s Story Comprehension Author: Hsin-Ying Chien (Department of Early Childhood Education, National Taitung University), Chi-Shun Lien (Center for Teacher Education, National Chung Cheng University), Shao-Ying Chang (Department of Educational Management, National Taipei University of Education)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 62, No.4
Date:December 2017

This study explored the effects of a teacher’s prompt and children’s working memory capacity on story comprehension. A sequential analysis technique was used to explore how accurately children remembered the sequence of events after listening to a story. Participants aged from 4 years and 7 months to 6 years and 2 months were recruited from municipal preschools. A 2 by 3 factorial design with prompt (with/without) and working memory capacity (high/medium/low) as two independent variables was used. A multivariate analysis of covariance and sequential analysis were conducted for data analysis. The experimental group received storytelling with prompts regarding a protagonist’s goal, and the control group received storytelling without any prompt. The results revealed that children who received prompts about the protagonist’s goals and intention from the teacher exhibited improved story comprehension and improved accuracy in story picture sorting. In addition, a significant difference was observed among the working memory groups. The findings were discussed for educational implications, and future research goals were identified.

Keywords:comprehension, sequential analysis, story grammar, working memory

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APA FormatChien, H. -Y., Lien, C. -S. & Chang, S. -Y. (2017). Effects of story prompting and working memory ability on young children’s story comprehension. Journal of Research in  Education Sciences, 62(4), 181-207. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2017.62(4).07