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Effects of Multiple-Creative Teaching Strategies in a Healthy Aging Course for College Students: From Health Self-Awareness to Action Author: Stephanie Yu-Ching Chen(Department of Adult and Continuing Education & Graduate Institute of Elder Education, National Chung Cheng University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 64, No.2
Date:June 2019

This study used a trans-theoretical model of behavioral change and evaluated a health self-management program. The teaching strategy of intergenerational learning was integrated into a multicultural healthy aging curriculum, and immediate learning and delay effects were evaluated. In total, 35 college students studied an elective course on elder health care. The research design combined qualitative and quantitative methods, adopting a single group for pretest, posttest, and follow-up and performing co-inspection of qualitative data of observation records and students’ reflective reports to explore the learning process and effects. The results demonstrated that multiple-creative teaching strategies in a healthy aging course had a mostly positive and significant effect on students’ health knowledge, attitudes, and health behaviors. After a year, positive results for health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors were not only sustained but increased. In addition to students’ suggestions on how to increase intergenerational interaction, this study provides suggestions for subsequent course and research design.

Keywords:health self-management, intergenerational learning, life course, older mentor

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APA FormatChen, S. Y.-C. (2019). Effects of Multiple-Creative Teaching Strategies in a Healthy Aging Course for College Students: From Health Self-Awareness to Action. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 64(2), 161-190. doi:10.6209/JORIES.201906_64(2).0006