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The Effect of the Internet Use Behavior on Academic Achievement: Latent Transition Model Analysis Author: Ming-Chi Tseng (Center for Teacher Education, National Dong Hwa University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 64, No.4
Date:December 2019

The literature on the effect of Internet use behavior on academic achievement has been limited to cross-sectional studies, but this study adopted a longitudinal framework and used the latent transition model to analyze data from the Pingtung Education Longitudinal Survey database. The study found that Internet use behavior can be divided into five heterogeneous groups, and as the grade increases, the transfer rate of Internet use behavior varies among the groups. Further analysis revealed that gender differences influence Internet use behavior, and that the potential heterogeneity of Internet use behaviors depends on academic achievement. This study proposes suggestions relevant to Internet use behavior and development.

Keywords:academic achievement, Internet use behavior, latent transition model

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APA FormatTseng, M.-C. (2019). The effect of the internet use behavior on academic achievement: latent transition model analysis. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 64(4), 31-59. doi:10.6209/JORIES.201912_64(4).0002