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The “Adaptive Instruction” Course as an Example of the Application and Evaluation of a Teacher Education Program Course Incorporating Design Thinking Author: Chia-Chi Wang (Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Evaluation/Center for Teacher Education, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Shih-Hsiang Sung (Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 64, No.4
Date:December 2019

The current study assessed the impact of integrating design thinking into the process of teaching the adaptive instruction course central to a teacher education program. Action research was also incorporated to enhance teaching quality and learning performance. The first purpose of this study was to explore students’ self-efficacy, learning interest, problem-solving ability, team cooperation, and learning performance in the teacher education courses incorporating design thinking. The second purpose of this study was to use “the arrangement of the teaching program,” “the construction of the learning atmosphere,” “the planning of class management,” and “multiple evaluations” as four indexes to explore the teaching effectiveness of the course. Participants in this study were one teacher and 30 preservice teachers taking courses in teacher education. As instruments, we used a self-evaluated checklist of self-efficacy for students and a learning interest scale for students. Moreover, the teaching and reflection journals and student reports in class were included in our investigation. The data analysis methods included paired-samples t test for quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis of interviews, observations, and audio-visual recordings. In addition, suggestions for further study are proposed.

Keywords:adaptive instruction, design thinking, teacher education

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APA FormatWang, C.-C. & Sung, S.-H.(2019). The “adaptive instruction” course as an example of the application and evaluation of a teacher education program course incorporating design thinking. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 64(4), 145-173. doi:10.6209/JORIES.201912_64(4).0006