Journal directory listing - Volume 66 (2021) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【66(2)】June

Accreditation of Primary School Pre-service Teacher Education Curriculums in the United States, Australia, and Singapore and the Implications to Taiwan Author: Jung-Mei Su (Higher Education Sprout Project Office, National Taiwan Normal University), Yao-Ting Sung (Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University), Wen-Cheng Yu (Department of New Media Communication, Hsing Wu University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 66, No. 2
Date:June 2021


      The cultivation of teachers is a professional process, and the role of the teacher education curriculums is one of the crucial factors. This study aimed to understand the development of Taiwan’s primary school teacher education curriculums as well as to analyze the teacher education curriculums and accreditation systems in the United States, Australia, and Singapore. The results indicated that reforms to Taiwan’s primary school teacher training curriculums are limited by the old habits of historical path dependence and that the course fails to plan for the basic teaching abilities required for preservice teachers. The practical curriculum has not been implemented in a phased and continuous manner, and the teacher training assessment does not ensure that the school curriculum complies with national regulations before implementation. Finally, the relevant experience in the three included countries provides a reference for improving domestic teacher education — including the need for attention to the teacher education quality assurance mechanism, the strengthening of qualifications for primary school preservice teachers’ proficiency, the application of theory at the educational scene in a phased and continuous manner, and the establishment of an appropriate learning structure based on the nature and importance of the course.

Keywords:primary school pre-service teacher education, teacher education, curriculum accreditation

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APA FormatSu, J.-M., Sung, Y.-T., & Yu, W.-C. (2021). Accreditation of primary school pre-service teacher education curriculums in the United States, Australia, and Singapore and the implications to Taiwan. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 66(2), 35-74.